Uplifting Instrumentals Can Be Fun For Anyone

Never much, from flutist Sherry Finzer's brand new digital-only album Acceptance, is a warm-hearted and uplifting melody published on Heart Dance Records Oct 12th, 2018. The album itself takes one on a trip through Sherry's life, starting in her early years and travel through the current, and is all about managing situations that you have no control over, and learning how to accept what is.

Thank you. She write and record New Age and Contemporary Instrumental music that is meant to be utilised in a healing fashion, whether it be bodily or psychological healing. I've heard from people around the world that use this music to relax, unwind, help heal, help with chemotherapy treatments, stroke recovery, yoga, sleeping and meditation.

Heart Dance Records is a New Age and Contemporary Instrumental music label based in Phoenix, AZ, however, contains musicians from around the world on its roster, such as Germany and Mexico. The assignment for each of the artists on the label is to produce music that transcends New Age Music time, and that can be used to help heal the body, mind and soul. Follow us and share our songs with a person that you feel could benefit from listening to our music.

Selections from our catalog of music can be streamed on Spotify and Pandora, heard on the SXM Spa Channel, Music Choice Soundscapes Channel, dozens of global airlines (like Singapore Airlines, Thomas Cook, Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Air, Egypt Air, Hawaiian Airlines), overhead music channels, and the C.A.R.E. channel in hundreds of hospitals around the world.

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